Welcome to treecycled.co.uk, unique furniture and timber products to continue Nature’s legacy and enhance your environment.

The conversion of a felled tree into a form other than firewood can give your tree a second lease of life and a beautiful seat or table will still bring pleasure for many years and certainly for long after the firewood embers have died out.

Our mobile sawmill can be brought to your premises to convert your timber according to your personal requirements; recycled as beams, boards and other construction products for your home project or furniture to enhance your offices or grounds, enabling the tree to continue to provide pleasure for many years after it has been felled

Local recycling means fewer vehicle miles, helps reduce our combined carbon footprint and is better for everybody’s environment.


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Lindeth, City o Pinch, Holme, Cumbria, LA6 1QP
Telephone 01524 782898 Mobile 07771 931193
Email: info@treecycled.co.uk

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